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School Payment Portal

Regional School District 13 has implemented an online payment system called School Payment Portal. This payment system is connected with our cafeteria point of sales software, “LunchTime”. Parents have the ability to fund their child’s lunch account as well as pay a number of other school based fees such as high school parking, tuition, field trips, etc. using either a credit card or their bank account with an ACH transaction. Each credit card transaction will cost $1.00 plus 2.3% of the amount charged. - Ex: $50.00 credit card transaction would cost $1.00 plus 2.3% of $50 = $1.15 for a total of $2.15. ACH Bank Account transactions up to $500 are only charged $1.00 per transaction. Please find links to the portal, detailed setup instructions and frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
NOTE: Only ParentSquare can be used for Chromebook Optional Damage Protection Program payments.