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Support Options

Support Options


Learners: Please notify your teacher of all technology questions/support needs. Your teacher will contact the correct personnel to assist with the issue. Learners in grades 6-12 that are in need of Chromebook repair can visit their school's libary to request support and be provided with a loaner Chromebook for the duration of the repair.


Parents/Guardians: Please contact the main office of your learner's school with RSD 13 based technology questions/support needs. You can also take a look at our Home Tech Tips page for troubleshooting information about common home related technology issues.


Employees: All of the support form links below can also be found in the orange Help folder in ClassLink. Please choose the form that best matches your issue to ensure you reach the approriate Central Office department (IST, Accounting, HR, etc).
NOTICE: To submit a request, you must be logged into your RSD13 Google Account. If you are unable to log into your account, please reach out to your building's Key User. A list of Key Users can be found on the IST Department page.