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Application Procedures for Substitute Positions

First, refer to the Current Opportunities page for important information regarding this position.
Online Application:
Please complete our online Substitute Positions application by visiting the following link: Online Application.
Please Note: Paper applications will not be accepted for substitute positions. The online application is the sole method for applying.
All employees of District 13 must have a criminal background check and are required to be fingerprinted.
  • Instructions for the fingerprinting process will be emailed to applicants AFTER their appointment at Central Office.
  • If you have already been fingerprinted for a position at RSD 13, the results must be less than one year old.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have your fingerprinting done at the State Police, Department of Public Safety Building at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT.
  • FBI Privacy Rights / VECHS Approval Letter
Substitute Handbook:
Research has shown that a student spends over one full year with a substitute teacher by the time they graduate from high school. It is important for the student to continue to receive quality instruction during the teachers absence. You, as a substitute, are in a unique position in the district and are an essential part of school success. There are certain policies and procedures that must be followed. Therefore, the substitute handbook has been developed in an effort to clarify policies and procedures that apply to substitutes to make your work more effective and enjoyable.  All substitutes are required to read and return an acknowledgement form. We hope you will take time to become familiar with the contents and find it a useful source of information.
What to Bring to Your Interview Appointment at the Superintendent's Office:
If you have been scheduled for an interview for the substitute position, please bring the following items with you to your interview at the Superintendent's Office at 135A Pickett Lane, Durham, CT:
For your convenience, we have created a checklist to prepare you for your appointment at Central Office.
Please direct questions to:
Robin Golembieski in the Superintendent's Office, 860-349-7200 x 9901.