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Board of Education

The Board of Education serves as the agent of the State of Connecticut, assigned by law to provide the educational services for the students in Regional School District 13. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive program for students in Durham and Middlefield. As such, the Board represents the community in:
  • adopting policies for the operation of the school district
  • developing sound financial plans consistent with the school needs and community resources
  • establishing a Strategic Plan to ensure continuous academic improvement
  • adopting a sound curriculum for all educational programs.
The Board of Education consists of ten members who are elected by voters of Durham and Middlefield. Durham members serve four-year terms and Middlefield members serve three-year terms. Board of Education officers are elected in July and December on election years.

The Board formulates policy, establishes goals and provides overall direction for the school system. The Board hires a Superintendent of Schools and staff to execute its policies and to implement annual goals based on its five-year strategic plan.

The public is welcome to attend Board meetings