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Warning of Public Hearing

Warning of District Meeting
Regional School District 13
of the State of Connecticut
Durham and Middlefield

May 2 and 3, 2016

Notice is hereby given to all those eligible to vote in town meetings in the member towns of Durham and Middlefield that a District Meeting of Regional School District 13 of the State of Connecticut will be held on May 2, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. in the Julian Thayer Auditorium at Coginchaug Regional High School for the following purpose:

To consider the proposed budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year as prepared
and presented by the Regional School District 13 Board of Education.

The meeting will be adjourned until 6:00 a.m. on May 3, 2016, when voting 
will take place from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Durham voters at the Francis
E. Korn Elementary School, Durham; Middlefield voters at the Middlefield
Community Center, Middlefield. The question to be voted on is as follows:

Shall we accept the proposed budget of $36,705,601for the
2016-17 fiscal year as prepared and presented by the Regional
District 13 Board of Education?

At such meeting, persons present and eligible to vote under Section 7
of the Connecticut General Statutes may accept or reject the proposed

Copies of the proposed budget will be mailed to every postal patron in Durham
and Middlefield.

Kerrie Flanagan, Chair
Regional District 13
Board of Education
State of Connecticut

Dated in Durham, Connecticut this 19th day of April, 2016

Superintendent's Proposed 2016-2017 Budget

This is the current budget summary as of March 16th, 2016.

Click on image for larger/printable version.
You can download the Superintendent's Proposed 2016-2017 Budget using the link below. Printed copies are available to view at Central Office and at the Durham and Middlefield Town Halls and Libraries.

Superintendent's Update

Region 13 Mission Statement

The mission of Regional School District 13, a community that celebrates learning, honors tradition, and embraces change, is to ensure that all students will be engaged and ethical lifelong learners and citizens who will thrive, excel, and contribute in an ever-changing, interdependent world by providing challenging, diverse, and nurturing experiences that empower each student to succeed through meaningful partnership with family and community.

Core Ethical Values

As a school community, we are committed to growing in good citizenship and
personal integrity; thus, we are continually asking ourselves:
Am I showing RESPECT for
         the worth and rights of others
         the views of others
         personal, school and community property
         the environment  

Am I accepting RESPONSIBILITY for
         my own actions and words
         my own welfare and the welfare of others
         my personal growth and learning
         making ethical choices
Am I practicing HONESTY
        with myself
        with others
        in my work
Am I showing KINDNESS by
        treating others the way I would want to be treated
        promoting the well-being of others
        being patient with myself and others
        acting with compassion
 Am I showing COURAGE by
        standing up for moral principles
        persisting in the face of adversity
        being willing to accept challenges
        being true to myself
Respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness and courage are the
core values we strive to embrace and practice in Regional District 13.

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