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RSD13 Extended School Year and Intervention Summer school starts on July 6th and ends on July 28th. As mentioned below we are also offering a Pre-K summer learning opportunity for all students as well as a required high school reading assignment. Please see the links at the bottom of this page.

All summer learning opportunities are listed below:

  • Extended School Year (ESY) Summer School is designed for students who receive special education services and is mandated through the PPT process and a child’s individualized education plan. 
  • Summer Learning Opportunities (SLO) is designed for students in grades K-12 who receive special education services but do not qualify for Extended School Year Summer School (ESY).
  • Summer School is designed for students currently in grades K-5 who receive intervention services in math and reading.
  • Summer Learning PreK-8 is designed for all students entering grades pre-K to 8 who want to extend their learning over the summer through a choice board of learning tasks. The learning tasks are not required as the intention is to keep students engaged in learning during the summer months of July and August. 
  • Coginchaug High School has a required reading assignment for students in grades 9-12. Mrs. Stone, the high school principal, will send out a letter with the information for all high school students and parents.

July Edition

Entering 9-12:

August Edition:

2022 RSD13 Summer Reading Resources

Summer Learning Tech Support

Please reach out to your student's summer learning teacher with all tech issues. They will relay the information to the appropriate support personnel.
For common home tech troubleshooting information, please visit our Home Tech Tips page.