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Dattco Bus Website

Regional School District 13 uses the Dattco bus service. The main Dattco website is

District 13 Bus Routes

Bus routes for this school year can be viewed on Dattco's Check My Child's Bus Route page or their MapNet page.

Rules for Riding Our Buses

Rules for riding our school buses are published in student handbooks, but are also provided below.

Changing the Bus Stop for Your Child

If, during the school year, you need to make a change in your child's bus stop you may do so by completing a new Student Bus Information form and turning it in to your child's school office. Requests for new or changed bus stops must be made in writing to the school administration a minimum of one week in advance.

Vinal & Voag Transportation

To assist in any questions that may arise regarding bus transportation to Vinal Tech and the Voag program at Middletown High School, we have developed plans for inclement weather and professional development days.  

Questions or Concerns

Parents with any valid concerns regarding bus stops, the bus company and/or bus drivers, may contact the Central Office at 860-349-7200.