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Grade Level Reconfiguration and Academic Roadmap

The Strategic Visioning Team worked collaboratively for eight months on a parallel track with the Board who was working towards a final decision regarding grade configuration with the projected closing of the John Lyman School building in two years (at the earliest). While the Strategic Visioning Team did not reach consensus on a suggested grade configuration, they did identify themes and design elements that they believe are best for all students.

At the December 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to support the recommendation to pursue a single educational approach district-wide. This projected two year process, coordinated building “alterations” (this is the correct term rather than “construction” based on the projected scope of the work), and associated timeline will be developed and shared here. Building leaders and staff will be involved in this process and will continue to its conclusion.

On January 9, 2019 the Utilization Committee met before the Board of Education meeting to discuss the results of the most recent one question survey and their recommendation for grade reconfiguration in the future; either a single track design with a primary school (Pre-K-2) and an intermediate school (3-5) or two Pre-K-5/K-5 schools. Both plans include moving 6th grade to Strong, at the earliest, for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Based upon the recommendation of the Utilization Committee, the full Board made a decision in support of single track design with a primary school (Pre-K-2) and an intermediate school (3-5).

The earliest a change would happen would be at the start of the 2021-2022 school year, based upon state requirements and building timelines.

The professional, child-centered, and dynamic thinking approach that has been demonstrated by our staff since the beginning of the utilization process, over 7 years ago, has been unwavering.  A one program approach will drive this work. We will honor the tenets of what has made the district excel and use them as the foundation to move us into the future. Our core ethical values have been evident throughout and will be as we continue this courageous work.

Please check back to this page as it will be updated consistently as we continue this transition.