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Action Teams

Regional School District 13 has created six action teams which originated from the District Strategic Plan. These action teams are made up of Regional School District 13 staff members, administrators, learners, Board of Education members, community members, and parents/guardians. The teams meet throughout the year to work towards the action plans that have been developed. Each action team is listed below:
  • Competency-Based and Personalized Learning
  • Professional Learning
  • Community Advocacy
  • Local Global Resources
  • Learner Connection/Connection Teams
  • Efficient Operational Practices
If you are interested in joining an action team, please reach out to one of the Learner-Centered Specialists.

Action Team Updates

The Regional School District 13 Action Teams are committed to keeping our community informed of the work that has been and is currently being done towards our Strategic Plan. Please see updates in our newsletter below.