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Delivery truckFood & Product Supply Update.

December 8th : Our suppliers are regaining their workforce and pulling their supplies and delivery times back into a more reasonable timeline.  They are now about 3-days behind the original delivery date and their shelves are becoming more stocked. Therefore, we will have a better idea and be able to plan our weekly meals without substituting. Thank you for your patience and working with us during this tumultous time.
 October 14 
   Dear Parents & Students, I would like to bring to your attention the issues that we are currently working with to provide meals to our students. These issues have stemmed from confluence of events, much of it tied to the pandemic.  Labor shortages have rocked food distributors and manufacturers, who say they do not have enough people to drive trucks, pull products from warehouses or work assembly lines. The virus has exacerbated the country's shortage of truck drivers and companies are not able to replace those drivers.
   Our main purveyor,THURSTON FOODS, say that they are still 4 to 5 days behind on deliveries. They continue to try and recruit drivers with incentives.  Thurston foods has been extremely supportive and has always take very good care of District 13 and we will do our best to work with them. I hope that you can work with us when it comes to modifications that we have to make to the menu's due to shortages.  We will do our best to continue to provide the nutrious meals for our students. 
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Mark Basil
Director of Food Services