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Regional District 13

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Apple in handRsd-13 will be serving free breakfast & lunch on a daily basis to all of their students for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. 

School Menus
2021-2022 "FREE" School Breakfast & Lunch Prices
* Full breakfast at elementary school N/A $2.00
* Full breakfast at secondary schools from N/A $2.50- $3.25
* Full hot lunch at all schools - N/A $3.50
* Milk price at all schools: N/A $.60
* A la carte items available at most schools, priced individually.
Free/Reduced Breakfast & Lunch Program Information
To apply for free or reduced price meals, households should fill out one application per family. The application must be printed out, completed and signed by a parent or guardian and then returned to any District 13 school or to the Superintendent's Office at 135A Pickett Lane, Durham.
Reduced Breakfast & Lunch cost: 
* Reduced Breakfast    .30
* Reduced Lunch          .40
Children receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) or Medicaid benefits may be directly certified and automatically eligible for free or reduced price meals without further applying for benefits.  If you received a NOTICE of DIRECT CERTIFICATION for free or reduced price meals, do not complete the application, your children will automatically be enrolled in the program.
Please call the Superintendent's Office  at 860-349-7200, Ext. 237 if you have any questions regarding the Free/Reduced Breakfast / Lunch Program.
"NOW accepting applications for part time Foodservice workers & substitutes."

Sharing information with other programs - this document must be completed to allow the District to share your information within the schools and to outside programs that may offer services to qualifying families. The District must assume you are not interested in any other benefits if you do not return this form.

Husky Insurance Information
Lunch Payment System

Regional School District 13 uses an on line electronic process for paying for school lunch called School Payment Portal. All transactions are immediately uploaded to the students account. There is NO more waiting for the foodservice director to upload the daily transactions. We use LunchTime point of sales software through the PowerSchool Student Information System to process all lunch transactions.

It’s quite a simple process. A parent/guardian shall deposit money into their child’s account. At the elementary schools each student is issued an ID badge. This badge has their photo and a student ID number that they will use at the point of sales when paying for their meals. Students will present their BADGE at the end of the lunch line, when they make their purchase. The cashier will scan their card and all their information comes up. The student is checked against their photo when they make their purchase and the cashier then verifies if that purchase meets all the necessary requirements to be a reimbursable meal, then it is recorded. 

The process is the same for the secondary schools but we also allow the students to key in their student ID number on a keypad at point sale. Students will access their account through the use of the keypad so that the cashier can verify their account. Students may still use cash to purchase their meals, however; pre-payment speeds the lunch lines and allows your child more time to eat.

 How do I pre-pay for meals or milk?
There are two ways to put money into your child’s account:

1. You may set up an account through LunchTime School Payment Portal You can pre-pay whatever amount you choose through your checking account, debit or credit card. If you are not sure of your child’s student ID number you can contact the food service director (Mark Basil) at

School Payment Portal Provides Parents
• The opportunity to make convenient credit and debit card payments. 
• No more lost money when sending cash or checks to school with their child.
• The ability to accurately review remaining balances and past transactions.
• Automated low balance email notifications (you can customize the settings for the “Low Balance Alert”), ensuring that lunch accounts are always filled.
• Minimum processing times.


2. You can send in a check or cash to the school cafeteria manager and they will enter it into your child’s account. Checks should be made payable to: Rsd13 Lunch Program. Please put your child’s name and grade on the check.


Can I view my child’s account balance?
-You can check your child’s account balance by logging onto your child’s account and clicking on Transactions”. This will give you their daily cafeteria activity.              
-The “Low Balance Alert” will automatically send you an email notifying you of your balance.

  What happens if my child doesn’t have money on his/her account and wants to buy lunch?
The food service procedure regarding meal charging is as follows;

- At the elementary schools, if your child’s account balance reaches zero, he/she will be allowed to extend their balance by (3) lunches or $10.50. These lunches will be charged against the students account.

- At the secondary schools,if your child’s account balance reaches zero, he/she will be allowed to extend their balance by (2) lunches or $7.00. These lunches will be charged against the students account.

- The School Food Service will inform students verbally when they have a low balance, or when they have begun charging.  A la carte menu items CANNOT be charged.

- Parents of elementary school students who charge will be notified by a email or by telephone that their child has received charged meals. The Middle School and High School student’s parents will receive an email notification.

- After the third charged meal, the School Food Service will provide an alternate meal.

- Alternate meals will be provided until all charged amounts, including full pricing for alternate meals, are paid.

- The Board reserves the option to discontinue alternate meals should payment not be forthcoming after two (2) week’s time.

- In the event of hardship situations, parents/guardians may contact the Board’s business office to discuss application’s for free or reduced price meals.

- The student’s ID card is NOT to be used as a CHARGE CARD.

Although not required by law, but due to its participation in the Child Nutrition Program, the Board approves the establishment of a system to permit students to charge a meal in certain situations. 

First, the Board recognizes that funds from the non-profit School Food Service account, according to federal regulations, cannot be used to cover the cost of charged meals that have not been paid.

Moreover, federal funds are intended to subsidize the meals of children, and these funds may not be used to subsidize meals for teachers, staff or visitors. Therefore, adults are not permitted to charge meals.

Charging is not encouraged by the Board, but on those occasions that a student does not have lunch money, she/he will be permitted to charge a standard Type-A meal or be offered an alternate meal.

An alternate meal is any meal that differs from the day’s advertised, reimbursable Type-A meal.  Examples of alternate meals include, but are not limited to, the following:
• A cheese sandwich, fresh fruit, vegetable cup and milk.

The cost for providing such alternate meals cannot be incurred by the School Food Service, and the charge for such alternate meals will be the same amount as the standard Type-A or reimbursable meal.

What if my child receives free or reduced price meals?
The computer system is confidentially coded indicating whether he/she receives free or reduced priced meals. If your child receives free meals, there is no charge to his/her account. Students who receive reduced priced meals must have money on their account or pay by cash/check. The cost of a reduced breakfast is .30 and lunch is .40 per day. At the elementary schools when your child comes through the lunch line, he/she simply gives his/her card to the cashier to scan and their lunch account pops up and the transaction is recorded.

At the secondary schools all package meals are applicable for your child. Free or reduce eligibility does not apply to any a la carte items. Those items need to be paid at the regular selling price. When your child comes through the serving line, he/she simply scans their ID card or keys in their student ID number into the keypad and their lunch account will pop up and the transaction is recorded. 

Do I need to use all my money in my child’s account this school year?
- No.  Any money left in your child’s account at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year.


In order for this system to run smoothly and properly, it is imperative that money be in your child’s account.

Summer Meals

There is NO pre-ordering. When students arrive at the site to pick up their meals, they just need to provide their name and school district.  
Meriden Locations:
Serving Time is from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm Daily Students will receive (1) breakfast (1) lunch.
On Friday's they will receive (3) breakfasts and (3) lunches to carry them through the weekend.

* Washington Middle School  1225 North Broad Street, Meriden, CT. 06450

* Francis T. Maloney High School  121 Gravel Street, Meriden, CT. 06450
Middletown Locations:
Serving Time is from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Students will receive (1) breakfast and (1) lunch daily
* Macdonough Elementary School  66 Spring Street, Middletown, CT. 06457
* Bielefield Elementary School 70 Maynard Street, Middletown, CT. 06457
* Wilbert Snow Elementary School  99 Spruce Street, Middletown, CT. 06457
* Spencer Elementary School  207 Westfield Street, Middletown, CT. 06457
Kids and teens 18 & under
For sites near you, call 211, Text CTmeals to 877877
Ninos y adolescentes de 18 anos y menos
Para sitios ceranos a usted, llame-211
Text CTmeals to 877877