Regional School District 13

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Pay Online and PowerLunch

To pay for lunches with a credit card online, please go to and click on the "Food Service Payments" link.

Download the instructions on how to make payments here

Our Point Of Sale Lunch System (PowerLunch) and RevTrak Frequently Asked Questions:

-Q- Can we still pay with cash or check?
-A- Yes. We have no plans to stop accepting cash or checks. Credit card payment is a new option many find to be more convenient.

-Q- My child paid for lunch with cash and put the change in their account? Is there a fee associated with that?
-A- No, there is no fee if you pay with cash or check. The remainder is credited in the student's account and can be accessed for future lunches. If there is a balance at the end of the year it will carry over to the next school year. If a student graduates and has a balance, the remainder can be transferred to a sibling in the district, or a check can be requested.

-Q- How can I check the balance if my child pays with cash or check?
-A- At the end of each school day we perform a synchronization with RevTrak which will update the student's balance, regardless of whether you paid with a credit card. The instructions for checking the balance is step number 10 in the letter sent home which is also downloadable from the link above.

-Q- What is the $2.00 convenience fee for and is it a one-time fee?
-A- The $2.00 fee is a per-transaction fee that is used to offset the fees paid to the credit card companies and the vendor RevTrak. We would prefer to use a percentage based fee, but Visa does not allow us to do so. Instead the $2.00 fee covers the costs associated with a $40 transaction, which is the average transaction size RevTrak receives.

-Q- Shouldn't the district assume the cost since it's an added convenience for the cafeterias to not have to work with cash?
-A- While it is more convenient for the cafeterias, it is a cost-neutral measure. This means that any additional expense(such as paying the credit card fee) would force the district to raise food prices, thereby penalizing anyone who isn't paying with a credit card.

-Q- How do I pay for multiple students and will I get charged the convenience fee for each student?
-A- After each item you choose to purchase, select the "Buy Now" button to add the item to your Shopping Cart. From the Shopping Cart screen you may select "Continue Shopping" to add items for the same student or another student. If you modify the quantity of an item in you Shopping Cart you must also "Update Totals". When you are ready to check out, select Go to Checkout. You will only be charged the convenience fee one time per transaction, regardless of how many students you are paying for.