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Regional School District 13 uses the SchoolMessenger notification system to update only current parents, guardians, and RSD13 employees about school emergencies and closures. All other members of the RSD13 community can find information about school closures, late openings, etc., on the homepage of this website as well as on the television channels listed on our School Cancellation page.

All current RSD13 parents, guardians, and employees are automatically enrolled in SchoolMessenger InfoCenter. Parents and guardians must use an email address that they provided to the district on the "Student Information/Emergency Form" for their username. This form is sent home on the first day of each school year. If you have multiple children within the district, please ensure you provide the same email address on all Student Information forms so that all of your children appear under one SchoolMessenger account. RSD13 employees will receive information about their usernames from their school's administration.

RSD13 can only provide support for login issues. We are unable to assist with any email address, phone number, or notification preference changes. Those must be done by the parent, guardian, or employee via the SchoolMessenger website or app. If any of your children do not appear in SchoolMessenger, you must contact that child's school and ask that the email address you are using for SchoolMessenger is added to your contact information within PowerSchool.

To activate your SchoolMessenger account, please click the Sign Up button below and enter an email address you have provided to RSD13:
sign up icon
If you already have an account, please click the Log In button below to modify your notification and contact preferences:
Log in icon
Modification Instructions
After you have activated and logged into your SchoolMessenger account, please click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then click "Preferences." The preference window will allow you to modify Contact Information and Notifications. For more detailed information and instructions please review the SchoolMessenger App Guide.
SchoolMessenger App
Please watch this video from SchoolMessenger explaining their new app. Video Link
Not receiving our SchoolMessenger emails?
  • Check your spam or junk mail folders for our messages
  • Add and to your email white-list (approved sender list)
    • Please contact your email provider if you are unsure how to add a domain or email address to your white-list as this process varies provider to provider.
  • Important Reminder: Using the unsubscribe link in any of our SchoolMessenger emails will permanently remove you from all future emails sent by RSD13 via SchoolMessenger. To start receiving emails again you'll need to contact your student's school and ask them to remove you from the unsubscribe list.