Through engagement in authentic learning all Regional School District 13 students are empowered to thrive and contribute as global citizens.

As a community we felt strongly that this mission represented our promise to the students in our district as well as our commitment to support their impact on the world-at-large.

One of the hallmarks of RSD13 is our sense of community both within the school district and within our two towns. We see this in so many areas especially in the way that our students interact and support each other. With our mission statement we identified the guiding beliefs that influence the decisions we make and how we work and interact with one another.

The four guiding beliefs are:

  • Our core ethical values of respect, responsibility, kindness, honesty, and courage are the foundation of our beliefs.
  • Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication are essential for success.
  • All members of the community contribute to the well-being of others.
  • Learning and growth require the willingness to take risks throughout one’s life.

From there we identified three goal areas which have been our focus areas for the past several years:

  • Student Achievement: Ensure an authentic learning environment that supports growth, innovation and critical thinking so that all students are successful in life, learning and work beyond school.
  • Engagement: Ensure community understanding, engagement and support for district goals and priorities.
  • Well-Being: Sustain a district-wide culture and climate that supports and promotes well-being for all.