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Engage. Empower. Thrive

Welcome to Regional School District 13: Durham/Middlefield.  Together our two communities support an outstanding school district and learning community that is characterized by pride and commitment. Our work and decision-making is based upon a process of respectful collaboration that keeps at the forefront a focus on our mission statement and guiding beliefs:

Mission Statement:

Through engagement in authentic learning experiences, all Regional School District 13 students are empowered to thrive and contribute as global citizens.


Guiding Beliefs:

Our core ethical values of respect, responsibility, kindness, honesty, and courage are the foundation of our beliefs. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication are essential for success. All members of the community contribute to the well-being of others. Learning and growth require the willingness to take risks throughout one’s life.

We are guided by our mission and beliefs and they provide both a North Star and a measure of our integrity. We support one another, we believe in the good work that we do on behalf of children and we know for certain that collectively we are contributing to a better community and world. More specifically our district-wide accountability is measured by our progress towards our Strategic Coherence Plan goals and at the school level by the progress towards School Learning Plan goals.

Our focus for the 2018-2019 school year includes student achievement, well-being, and engagement. The Strategic Coherence Plan outlines the specific goals which are further specified at the school level in our School Improvement Plans. Our primary focus this year in student achievement is the alignment of student learning outcomes to state and national standards, the use of best practice in instructional design, and the alignment of formative and summative assessments to student learning outcomes. We recognize that our success in all areas is built upon our individual and collective well-being, thus our intention this year is to form a well-being committee, increase our awareness of well-being best practice based on research, and finally identify our priority focus areas and action steps for the 18-19 school year. Our focus on engagement is specific to the engagement of the community in understanding and supporting the initiatives of the school district which includes the development of a district-wide communication plan and the deliberate work of the Board of Education in policy creation and resource allocation to support the mission and student learning outcomes. 

We continue our very deliberate work that was started over 5 years ago on how to most responsibly address declining enrollment. The current work of the Utilization Committee, the staff and administration is directed towards maximizing the efficient use of resources, including flexible space, while meeting the programmatic needs of students as determined by the administration. Our process continues to include collaboration and frequent and accurate communication.

Keeping the child at the center of our focus inspires us to do our best work each day. Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you in understanding more about our district, our priorities and our many successes.

Kathryn Y. Veronesi, Ed.D

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