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Director of Student Services and Special Education
Admin. Assistant to the Director of Student Services and Special Education
Admin. Assistant to the Director of Student Services and Special Education
Direct Line 860-349-7208

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Regional School District 13, through the Student Services and Special Education Office, offers a full complement of programs and services for qualifying students. These services include speech/language, occupational and physical therapy, nursing, counseling, and evaluation by school psychologists, social workers and counselors. Guidance and counseling services are provided in all of our schools. A continuum of special educational programs through an inclusive educational model is available for students at all levels.

Special Education
It is the goal of Regional School District 13 to identify children with disabilities at the earliest possible age. Wherever possible the intervention provided is within the regular classroom environment. Although school personnel initiate the majority of referrals, parents are encouraged to refer their child if there are concerns about educational progress. Upon referral, a Student Assistance Team, working with the parent, will determine the appropriate course of action, and whether the school's Planning and Placement Team should meet. A team of school personnel will meet with parents to discuss appropriate action.
Transition Services
Special education services for students in grade 6 and up will also include appropriate transition services as determined through the Planning and Placement Team.  As noted in the Transition Bill of Rights, the focus of these transition services is to prepare students for adulthood in the areas of employment, post-secondary schooling and life skills. Appropriate services and supports are determined on an individual basis using a variety of transition assessments.
Transition Resources:
Information regarding transition resources can also be found by visiting the CT State Department of Education website.
Health Services
Nursing services are provided by a registered nurse in each of the District's schools. Additionally, selected school staff participate in emergency training programs, thereby assuring that there is always a trained adult available in case of school emergency. In addition to providing for everyday health needs of students, the nursing staff performs required school-based health screenings and also plays an educational role regarding general school health issues.