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Regional School District 13

The Regional School District 13 Preschool Program housed at Brewster Elementary School (for children ages 3 through 5) integrates children with special needs with typically developing peers within a developmentally appropriate play-based setting.  The preschool program follows guidelines and procedures in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act which states, “A preschool child requiring special education and related services is entitled to a free and appropriate public education on and after his/her third birthday.”  Peer models are chosen by a child-find ‘birthday party’ screening process and have demonstrated age appropriate expectations in the following developmental areas: speech and language, motor, social abilities, and readiness skills.  The developmental screenings are conducted by a team of early childhood professionals through structured observation, throughout the school year. Parents interested in having their child participate in a developmental screening should call the Student Services and Special Education Office at (860) 349-7208.