Regional School District 13

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Programs and Services

Pupil Personnel Services
Regional School District 13, through the Pupil Personnel Services Office, offers a full complement of programs and services for qualifying students. These services include speech/language, occupational and physical therapy, nursing, counseling, and evaluation by school psychologists, social workers and counselors. Guidance and counseling services are provided in all of our schools. A continuum of special educational programs through an inclusive educational model is available for students at all levels.

Special Education
It is the goal of Regional School District 13 to identify children with disabilities at the earliest possible age. Wherever possible the intervention provided is within the regular classroom environment. Although school personnel initiate the majority of referrals, parents are encouraged to refer their child if there are concerns about educational progress. Upon referral, a Student Assistance Team,
working with the parent, will determine the appropriate
course of action, and whether the school's Planning and Placement Team should meet. A team of school personnel will meet with parents to discuss appropriate action.
Transition Services
Special education services for students in grade 6 and up     will also include appropriate transition services as          determined through the Planning and Placement Team.  
As noted in the Transition Bill of Rights, the focus of these transition services is to prepare students for adulthood in
the areas of employment, post-secondary schooling and
life skills.  Appropriate services and supports are
determined on an individual basis using a variety of     transition assessments.  Important information regarding transition resources including The Transition Bill of Rights can be found by clicking here.
Health Services
Nursing services are provided by a registered nurse in each of the District's schools. Additionally, selected school staff participate in emergency training programs, thereby assuring that there is always a trained adult available in case of school emergency. In addition to providing for everyday health needs of students, the nursing staff performs required school-based health screenings and also plays an educational role regarding general school health issues.
Remedial Services
Remedial reading services are provided to students in grades K-8 who meet District criteria. Remedial math services are offered to students in grades 3-8 who meet District criteria. Contact the Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (860-349-7200) for information about specific entrance and exit criteria and services offered at each grade level.
The Regional School District 13 Preschool Program housed at Brewster Elementary School (for children ages 3 through 5) integrates children with special needs with typically developing peers within a developmentally appropriate play-based setting.  The preschool program follows guidelines and procedures in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act which states, “A preschool child requiring special education and related services is entitled to a free and appropriate public education on and after his/her third birthday.”  Peer models are chosen by a child-find ‘birthday party’ screening process and have demonstrated age appropriate expectations in the following developmental areas: speech and language, motor, social abilities, and readiness skills.  The developmental screenings are conducted by a team of early childhood professionals through structured observation, throughout the school year. Parents interested in having their child participate in a developmental screening should call Crystal at (860) 349-7208. 
Food Service
Regional School District 13 makes lunch available to all students. Breakfast foods are available at Memorial Middle School and Coginchaug Regional High School. The Food Service Program is self-supporting through income derived from the sale of foods and federal funding under the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act. School lunch prices are posted at each school.

Transportation Services
DATTCO Transportation provides contracted services for Regional School District 13.