Regional School District 13

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Pay Online and LunchTime

To pay for lunches with a credit card online, please go to and click on the "New Account" link.

Our New Point Of Sale Lunch System (LunchTime) and School Payment Portal Frequently Asked Questions:

-Q- Can we still pay with cash or check?
-A- Yes. We have no plans to stop accepting cash or checks. Credit card payment is a new option many find to be more convenient.

-Q- My child paid for lunch with cash and put the change in their account? Is there a fee associated with that?
-A- No, there is no fee if you pay with cash or check. The remainder is credited in the student's account and can be accessed for future lunches. If there is a balance at the end of the year it will carry over to the next school year. If a student graduates and has a balance, the remainder can be transferred to a sibling in the district, or a check can be requested by June 30th.

-Q- How can I check the balance if my child pays with cash or check?
-A- At the end of each school day we perform a synchronization with LunchTime which will update the student's balance, regardless of whether you paid with a credit card. Click on the blue text “Transactions” to see a listing of all cafeteria activity for that student.

-Q- Will there be a convenience charge for online payments?
-A- Yes. For a ACH bank account transaction there will be a $1.00 fee for deposits up to $500.00.  If it is a credit card transaction the cost would be $1.00 plus 2.3% of the amount deposited into the account.

Q- How do I pay for multiple students and will I get charged the convenience fee for each student?
-A- If you wish to split up the deposit amongst your children you can without paying an extra transaction fee. Example; If you deposit $75.00 into your account and wish to split it up amongst (3) children at $25.00 each, you will be charged the $1.00 plus 2.3% of $75.00.  Your total Service fee would be $2.72 for that transaction.