Regional School District 13

135A Pickett Lane, Durham, CT 06422 | 860.349.7200


Board of Education Meeting Agenda and Minutes  2013-14



Date Time Location Agendas Minutes
July 2 5:15pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes
July 2 6:00pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes
August 7 6:00pm  Supt. Office Agenda  Minutes 
August 28 7:30pm  CRHS  Agenda  Minutes 
September 11 7:30pm  Korn  Agenda  Minutes 
September 18 7:30pm  Brewster  Meeting Cancelled
October 9 7:30pm  Lyman  Agenda  Minutes
October 16 8:00pm CRHS Agenda Minutes
October 23 7:30pm  Memorial  Agenda  Minutes 
November 13 7:30pm  Korn  Agenda  Minutes 
December 11 Meeting Changed to December 18
December 18 7:30pm  CRHS Agenda  Minutes
January 8 7:30pm  Lyman  Agenda Minutes 
January 22 7:30pm Memorial  Agenda  Minutes 
February 12 7:30pm  Strong  Agenda  Minutes 
February 26 7:30pm  Strong  Agenda  Minutes 
March 5 7:30pm  Strong  Agenda  Minutes 
March 12 7:30pm  Strong  Agenda  Minutes 
March 19 7:30pm  Strong Agenda  Minutes 
March 26 7:30pm Strong  Agenda  Minutes
April 2 BOE Workshop 6:00pm Durham Town Hall  Agenda  Minutes
April 9 7:30pm  CRHS Changed to April 10
April 9 Public Hearing 8:00pm  CRHS  Changed to April 10
April 10 7:30pm CRHS Agenda Minutes
April 10 8:00pm CRHS Agenda Minutes
April 23 7:30pm  Korn  Agenda  Minutes 
May 5  District Meeting 8:00pm CRHS  Agenda  Minutes 
May 5 Special Meeting Following District Meeting CRHS Agenda Minutes
May 14 7:30pm  Lyman  Agenda Minutes 
May 28 7:30pm  Memorial  Agenda  Minutes 
June 10  7:00pm CRHS Agenda Minutes
June 11 7:30pm  Brewster  Agenda  Minutes 
July 1 8:00pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes