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Regional School District 13

Finance Committee Members 2012-13Top of Page

Robert Fulton, Chair (
Joseph Ochterski
Jeremy Renninghoff
Mary Jane Parsons

Finance Committee Goals and ObjectivesTop of Page

Accelerate the budget timeline


Engage key administrators in the budget development process


Create a strategic budget analysis package for BOE in order to facilitate policy decision making


Continue enhancements to Board budget presentation


In conjunction with the Communications Committee, raise awareness of Finance Committee goals, objectives, activities and progress


Develop funding options for Field House construction


Utilization Study-make recommendation to BOE for funding SY 13/14 study


Modify and refine 5-year capital plan and funding/bond amortization cash flow schedule in connection with the Capital Plan developed by the Building/Grounds and Transportation Committee


Produce a 3-5 year cost trend analysis for key cost components of district operations; Special Education, Athletics and Buildings and Grounds and other key cost components of District operations 


Review, quantify and communicate projected unfunded post retirement benefits costs 

Finance Committee Agenda and MinutesTop of Page

Date Time Location Agenda Minutes


August 2     6:30pm Supt. Office  Agenda Minutes
August 22 5:30pm  Supt. Office Agenda Minutes 
September 12 5:30pm Korn Agenda Minutes
September 26     6:00pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes
October 24 5:00pm Memorial Agenda Minutes
November 28 5:30pm Brewster Agenda Minutes
December 12 5:30pm Korn Agenda Minutes
January 7 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
January 14     5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
January 23 5:30pm Memorial Agenda Minutes
February 20 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
March 6 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
March 13 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
March 20 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
March 27 5:30pm Strong Agenda Minutes
April 3 7:30pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes
April 24 5:30pm Korn Agenda Minutes
May 22 5:30pm Memorial Agenda Minutes
June 26 5:30pm Supt. Office Agenda Minutes